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Why Optoro?

Liquidation is dead.

If you don't think so, then it's killing your margins. Because once you've arrived at liquidation as a strategy, you're out of options.

Optoro delivers options.

Opt to make smarter decisions...

with our powerful SMARTDisposition™ engine and instantly know the right path for distressed inventory from RTV to secondary market sales.

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Opt to expand...

your products' markets and channels with BLINQ, our best-in-class multi-site listing engine bringing your products to dozens of secondary markets simultaneously giving them to billions of eyeballs at once.

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Opt to streamline...

reverse logistics processes with OptiTurn and our revolutionary parcel shipping module, market agnostic inventory management, dynamic pricing and analytics engine.

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You have a vision.
We have the way forward

The team of strategy, technology and analysis experts at Optoro are ready to help you:

  • Set up OptiTurn in your warehouse
  • Catalog your inventory with simple mobile scanning
  • Quickly list your inventory online
  • Sell directly to millions of online customers
  • Easily process and ship incoming orders
  • Let Optoro handle customer service and returns
  • Get real-time, in-depth customer insights

Flexible, Mobile Scanning

OptiTurn puts the best tools at the first product touchpoint. Processing inventory, whether it is aged, excess, or returned, begins the moment the product is scanned into the system. OptiTurn mobile support allows for quick handling and management at the SKU or unit level, even on the floor as identification and sorting occurs.


  • Fits current workflows with little to no interruption.
  • Allows for rapid processing and management at the SKU or unit level.
  • Mobile bin changes, disposition setting, and status checks.
  • Interchangeable, updatable hardware and tools.


OptiTurn's built-in intelligence provides a smarter, data-driven way to stream incoming product to the best end destination.  Quickly identifying units as they are scanned and presenting the optimal disposition path based on a combination of proprietary logic and market dynamics means faster time to market, no matter which market that might be.

  • Automated decision-based processing and handling.
  • Logic based on client thresholds, proprietary and market data.
  • Supports direct to consumers, direct to businesses, RTV, or even donation.
  • Reduces product touches, re-sorts, and location changes.

Automated Listings

Speed matters. Maximum inventory value is captured by getting product in front of consumers as fast as possible.  No system is faster at moving from scan to listing than OptiTurn, rapidly building listings by automatically linking quality content, product data and specs, and correct imagery for online marketplaces. For more unique inventory, we are expert at building descriptions, linking the right imagery and keywords to drive consumer attraction, and even at targeting initial pricing.


  • Begins the moment inventory is added to the system.
  • Automatic linking of quality content, product data, and images.
  • Optimized, multi-channel approach.
  • Product team expert at prepping unique inventory.

Dynamic Pricing Engine

OptiTurn's pricing engine combines the power of an algorithmic approach with volumes of product and market data.  No arbitrary markdowns, opaque pricing processes or struggling to set initial targets with little visibility into current conditions or consumer preferences. OptiTurn's pricing engine allows for optimal unit pricing, balancing velocity and recovery value, and responding to market conditions as they change.


  • Targets using proprietary data, machine learning, and historical market dynamics.
  • Adjusts based on sales activity, maintaining ideal pricing.
  • Responds to inventory changes.
  • Allows for tailoring for recovery and velocity.

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

Inventory goes online in minutes and orders can come in not long after, so efficient pick, pack and ship is critical.  Parcel shipping to consumers is effortless with OptiTurn. Pick from your own locations, scan and process in moments, and package with branded materials and two-sided labels. Orders are ready to ship and consumers are emailed with tracking numbers before the truck has even been loaded.

  • Pick lists organized by order and priority, viewable on any device.
  • Simple, two scan fulfillment with an integrated workstation.
  • Green printing with packing list and shipping label on one sheet.
  • Fully integrated with shipping providers.

Customer Service

Success is defined both by speed and satisfaction; Optoro's Customer Care team steps in to answer the call.
It is your inventory, but we will handle the rest. Our reps field the calls, address the issues, and make sure that consumers get best-in-class service every step of the way.

  • Complete brand protection.
  • Purchaser notifications on order fulfillment and delivery tracking.
  • Turn key customer satisfaction.
  • Returns/RMA handling and unit processing and reconditioning.

Analytics & Reporting

Actionable data to drive better business decisions the moment you need it; not well after peak recovery value has long passed by.  OptiTurn provides more visibility into the full sales cycle for your aged, overstocked and returns inventory as it moves through the supply chain. OptiTurn provides actionable data to drive better business decisions the moment you need it; not well after peak recovery value has long passed you by.

  • Dynamic, customizable reporting
  • Real-time performance dashboards
  • Better inventory management in the reverse logistics supply chain.
  • Deeper data analysis and insight via professional services.
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Your business, our technology

Better decision-making,
with data and analysis

OptiTurn allows you to maximize the sales revenue of your aged, excess, or returns inventory. Our SMARTDispositionTM solution quickly determines the true worth of the product on the secondary market reducing the risk of taking write-downs below actual market value.

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Millions of buyers, your products at their fingertips

OptiTurn allows you to strategically sell your product to the right customers before an item enters the downward spiral of the markdown cadence.

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Inventory management made stupid simple

Optoro's proprietary software streamlines the reverse logistics headache existing warehouse management systems fail to address. OptiTurn is completely cloud-based, so you can access our services, software, and data insights from anywhere.

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Insights By Optoro

Optoro Ranked Number 229 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Fast 500™

Attributes 419% Percent Revenue Growth to Expansion of Customer Base and Injection of Venture Capital


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Optoro Ranked Number 229 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Fast 500™

Attributes 419% Percent Revenue Growth to Expansion of Customer Base and Injection of Venture Capital


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6 Marketing Strategies for Selling Older Merchandise

Marketing and merchandising experts share their top strategies for getting rid of last season's inventory -- without having to write it off.


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little more 'think'

At Optoro, we leverage the collective expertise of our leadership, investors, and staff experts to guide our clients to the bleeding edge of innovation and position them solidly ahead of the competition.

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We tell our customers that business as usual is, well... usual. We tell them that change is good, and rapid change is better. An Optoro career is anything but the usual, so maybe you're ready for a change too. From soccer teams and bagels, to tech meetups and our Chinatown location; Optoro offers a challenging and supportive environment , where teamwork is valued, exceptionalism is rewarded, and creativity is encouraged.

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